Get to know us.

Zeraxo Middle East is a software company based in Dubai and working with clients world wide on a variety of projects in different fields. Our focus is on development of high quality software solutions and helping build better digital experiences.

We're a branch of Zeraxo, Croatia, Europe which was started back in 2009 like most similar enterprises do - with youthful enthusiasm and the desire to solve everyday digital needs and problems that we all face. After a number of years and a lot of successful projects, driven by the still strong enthusiasm for new technologies and problem solving, the decision to explore new markets came naturally. And what better place to do so than UAE, the world's leading technology hub. 

While we started very small the growing scope of the projects called for the team to grow as well. And so, today our team consists of more than 15 software engineers and other professionals, and we’re still growing…

With software engineers, UX/UI designers, a business analyst and experienced project managers filling out the team we approach each new project eagerly. Especially if it will provide an opportunity to work with new technologies, learn new things and improve the quality of our services. Fortunately the diverse sectors our clients come from ensure that we seldom lack such opportunities and are frequently faced with new and interesting problems to solve.

Facing new problems also provides us with opportunities to explore new technologies searching for ways to solve them.

In our quest to deliver the best solutions we are committed to development agility and using all the tricks of the trade to help us so we’re no strangers to methods like SCRUM or Kanban.
Task management tools like Jira or Azure DevOps help our front-end team (React, Angular, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript) keep up with the back-end team (.NET, Node.js) and database experts (MS SQL Server, MySQL, Mongo DB), all visualy covered by our designers (Figma, Zeplin, Adobe InDesign). Count on us when going mobile (Xamarin/Maui .NET for cross platform, Swift for iOS, Kotlin for Android).

Meet some of our team

Borna Neuhold

With almost 20 years of experience as a software engineer and CEO, Borna has a proven track record in technology and business leadership, driving innovation and delivering value to partners, clients and the company as a whole.

Nikola Kosutic

Skilled in market research and international business, Nikola excels in identifying growth opportunities. Almost two decades of experience in international markets has given him a great understanding of various local business landscapes and cultural sensitivities.

Ante Mihalj

His extensive knowledge of software development technologies coupled with years of experience in lead and supervisory roles, make Ante an ideal person to ensure the delivery of high-quality software solutions while building strong relationships with stakeholders.

Aca Paca Zx Portret 0462

With over 15 years of work with Rosetta Stone, Sberbank, Five NYC, CARE International, RTL Television and many other clients, Alex has built substantial experience in solving complex marketing puzzles, in developing marketing strategies, user acquisition and activation campaigns and data analytics.

We all know that all work and no play is not a good recipe for success, and so fun is also a core value of our team.

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